Executive Development. Organizational Effectiveness. TransCultural Leadership.

You’ve identified your leaders. Now it’s time to develop them.

21st Century leaders face complex challenges in turbulent environments. Balancing multiple and competing demands, tensions and trade-offs, comes with the territory for decision-makers busy inventing the future.

Our custom programs link individual learning and insights to the demands of real world leadership. Our sessions and workshops are facilitated, interactive sessions that build on the experience in the room to create learning communities sustainable over time with ongoing support. The resulting confidence, clarity and commitment propels talent to “lean into” the challenges of leadership and move an enterprise forward.

Our experience in developing leaders?

  • We’ve provided executive development for leaders from telecommunications, health care, media/entertainment, high technology, defense, credit unions, consumer products, financial services, aerospace, agribusiness, professional services and non-profit industries.
  • We’ve provided career development and professional coaching for managers and executives from all backgrounds and industries including CEOs, CFOs, COOs, research scientists, military officers, museum directors, public, private and non-profit sector leaders and individual contributors.
  • We’ve created mentor/protege and sponsorship initiatives to develop emerging leaders.