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Culture trumps strategy. Is your enterprise culture in sync with your business strategy?

Your company culture is more than the sum of its parts. It’s complex, evolving, and diverse–shaped by all your stakeholders, from the boardroom to the shop floor–and framed by the values that define your brand. In a global economy where borders are more like nets than walls, and technology speeds up decision-making, culture matters more than ever. A company’s culture – “How we do things around here” – may seem intangible but it’s as real as the air you breathe. Beliefs and mindsets set the tone and shape behaviors that can make or break an enterprise, influencing everyday actions that drive performance.

Morales Associates understands the power of culture and its impact on the strategic objectives of your enterprise. We address the learning and development needs of multicultural leaders and teams, and help your enterprise reach goals that require cultural intelligence, in all its forms. Stakeholders working together as equal partners - interdependently and inclusively - is the measure of a vibrant and effective culture that can turn strategy into reality.

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Our experience in strengthening company cultures?

  • We’ve guided the senior executive team of a global, Europe-based home products retailer toward a diversity and inclusion strategy for the multi-cultural realities of the North American market.
  • We’ve helped the executive team and board of directors of a Latin America-based agribusiness clarify their strategic focus, identifying actions and measures for effective execution.
  • We’ve provided executive coaching and development planning for multicultural research scientists, marketing and operations professionals of a global medical products company.
  • We’ve designed targeted leadership sessions for multicultural professionals in research and development, marketing, operations, finance, engineering and information technology.
  • We’ve facilitated development programs for multi-cultural managers of a global sports marketing and manufacturing firm in Asia, Europe, Latin America and United States.
  • We’ve coordinated the interface between regional business units and new leadership during a shift in strategic direction at a telecommunications company.